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Sing Together, Stay Together

Summer Concert :
Songs from Musical Theatre
29th June 2024


The Mid-Norfolk Singers were established in 1946 as an educational evening class. Over the years we have grown in numbers to approximately 85, and have expanded our repertoire as a consequence, but the basis of our constitution remains the same, ‘The education of our members and the general public, in the art and appreciation of choral music’.  As a choir we receive no financial support from local government and so our work is dependent upon our members and of the general public support of our performances.

We give three major performances a year generally Christmas, Easter and Summer, our selection of music reflects these occasions. At Christmas we alternate between a concert of audience based Christmas music, and a concert of the great choral Christmas works e.g. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, or St. Matthew Passion at Easter. The summer concert is a relaxed and light-hearted affair and is sometimes given on behalf of a local charity as a means of contributing to their needs. These concerts are given in local venues, St Nicholas church, Dereham and St Peter & St Paul Church in Swaffham are two of our favourites. However we also perform at smaller village churches usually once a year. We have, over the years given several world premier performances. The rock opera ‘Exodus’ and the ‘Gettysburg Address’ as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln, whose family came from Swanton Morley, and given the regional premier of ‘On Christmas Night’ by Bob Chilcott. We have the aspiration of performing larger works by combining with neighbouring choral societies.

We have a three term year, autumn, spring and summer which covers approximately ten months of the year. During the year there are also social events as fundraisers but principally times of enjoyment for members and families. We have a connection with the choir of Ruthen in Germany, a twinned town of Dereham. We usually meet biennially, here or in Germany, the home choir hosting the visitors.


We rehearse every Thursday from 19:30 to 21:30 at the Salvation Army Church, St Nicholas Street, Dereham, NR19 2BS.

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